25 Sep 2020
New brands available at FASBEE now!

Thank you for your support for FASBEE.
We have added a great of number of brands and more than 2800 brands are available at FASBEE now.
In addition, the popular brands which are frequently asked such as Noela, 31 Sons de mode and so on are returned as well.
(Some brands has stopped selling at FASBEE. We kindly ask for your understanding.)
What's more, we also have campaign for the renewal open this time.
Please refer to following information.

Until October 2nd 23:59 JST 2020
We have prepared a 20%OFF coupon for the renewal open this time!
Come and check the new brands now!
Coupon Code:Re09fAsy
Valid until: October 2nd 23:59 JST 2020

*The coupon can only be used once.
*The coupon cannot be used together with other coupons.
*FASBEE reserves the right to modify, cancel and limit the campaign.