All the used items on FASBEE are from RAGTAG.


RAGTAG is a fashion store that collects used items of designers' brands.
We would like to provide items with high-quality and reasonable prices
for all those people who love fashion.

Famous brands
with surprising affordable price

All the items of RAGTAG and rt are used items. Therefore, the price can be 50~80%OFF compared to the item's original price. Our goal is to make everyone's dream come true by fashion. "Is it possible to buy those brand items at a more affordable price? Can we try more fashion styles?" Hoping to fulfill their requirements, RAGTAG provides abundant items for those who are passionate for fashion and those who have their own visions of fashion. As for the sister store "rt", it collects a great amount of items from luxury brands that are always popular, hoping that everyone can enjoy shopping.

Since all the items are used items, we are able to provide these brand items at a more affordable price. Knowing that there are some people who are unable to afford brand items, and some people who are not confident enough to try different styles at a high cost, by doing so, we fulfill as many people's dreams as we can, and help more people to enjoy fashion easily.

Collect abundant popular brands
in large quantity of items everyday

We collect more than 5,000 brand from trending casual brands, luxury brands to designers' brands, and we also have abundant items of popular brands. What we want to realize is to bring great joy of wearing an good item to as many people as we can. Therefore, we put in a great deal of effort at the high-quality brands which are full of the designer's ideas and commitments to quality.

Established in 1985, we have 15 branches in the main city in Japan now. Thanks to our customers, we have plentiful items of all kinds and sorts. Also, since we purchase new items everyday, there are always new items for customer to choose.

Used items, but with high quality.
All the flaws and stains are obvious at a glance.

To assure that customers can purchase used items easily and securely, we manage the quality of each item carefully. We check each item carefully and take care of them in different ways according to their condition. Therefore, there will not be odor of used items; also, if there are stains or flaws that cannot be handled, we will also mark on the item tag and state on the item page of the website, so customers will able to know all the necessary information of the items' condition before purchasing them.


Manage the
quality by professionals
and never sell
counterfeit items.

We collect all the items we purchase at our warehouse and identify and inspect each of them by the managers. The managers do researches on counterfeit items to train their ability of distinguishing counterfeit items. As long as there is any possibility of counterfeit, we will inspect the item thoroughly and will not sell it until we can assure it is original.

We believe all the brand items are the results of the designers' painstaking efforts; on the contrast, counterfeit items are just imitation products with poor quality. RAGTAG will never sell this counterfeit items which steal the ideas and efforts from brand designers. Moreover, to refuse counterfeit items, we held event "The Exhibition of Disgusting Counterfeit Items" irregularly, hoping to let more people learn the serious problems of counterfeit items and experience the high quality of original items.


To the people
who insists
on fashion

The story begins at a brand store at Aoyama.
Two high school girls were talking about an item in front of Takahashi, the founder of RAGTAG.
"Look, this is so cute! But we can't afford it..."
Seeing their disappointment, Takahashi felt sorry for them as well.

"How good it will be if they can wear the item...", thought Takahashi.
After all, it is so sad that they have to give up the clothes because they don't have enough money,
and there must be many people who experienced the same thing as the two girls do.

At this moment, an idea comes into his mind.
"Maybe the items don't have to be new ones!
What if open an used item store that collects maintained used items with good condition that changes people's impression of second-hand store?" With this idea, RAGTAG opened at Takeshita Street in Harajuku at June 16, 1985.

"Wanna be fashionable and wanna try the famous brands"
We would like to support and help those who are passionate to fashion.

RAGTAG' wants to fulfill people's dream by fashion, and to help everyone lives happily and confidently.
This is not only our goal, but the future we would like to see.